Sunday, December 12, 2010

Superpitcher Played Mister Saturday Night, Dec. 11

After spending recent nights in sweaty dives and mega-clubs, it was a breath of fresh air to return to Mister Saturday Night's cozy loft. The key word is comfort, with residents Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter keeping things melodic and groovy, but not too loud, for the first part of the night. Unfortunately, projectionist Sam Wiehl, who worked past parties, is back in Liverpool, so the lighting was just the disco ball and a couple of lights, but the DJ selections kept things warm.

The night's guest was Superpitcher, born Aksel Schaufler, a Kompakt stalwart with a playful take on disco and techno. He was all over the place, dancing around, tweaking knobs in the mixer and running to grab the next piece of vinyl for the turntables, which were suspended from the ceiling to prevent vibrations. His set was agile and fun, although not quite as immediate as some of his recorded stuff.

In related news, Kompakt is currently celebrating the holidays with daily giveaways and Resident Advisor published a recent feature on throwing the ideal party, with quotes from Mr. Carter.

Mister Saturday Night and Superpitcher will do it again tonight at the Standard on 848 Washington Street in the West Village. The residents will also be throwing what should be a tremendous party on New Year's Eve with Kyle Hall and Martyn, details here. Flier for tonight and Superpitcher's "Heroin" below.

Rest of the photos after the jump.

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Barthol said...

It really adds to a Dj when he's moving to his own music. It shows the people that you can dance to what ever crazy music he's playing. My show is full of wild tracks so I have to just dance through it. If you like wild stuff then come to

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