Sunday, June 15, 2008


What is it about sadness that makes it so appealing? I suppose that any art form needs tension to be interesting, and often, a bit of bittersweet is the best way to achieve that. Unfortunately, it's become pretty much a given that such subject matter will focus on topics of the romantic nature. That's fine - love is a powerful, universal topic, but it's become so common that at this point, it lacks surprise. Thankfully, bands like Elika keep things interesting, and "The Whip" has been on pretty heavy rotation. There aren't any lyrical revelations, but the song's instrumentals shift and crack like its namesake, alternating distorted crunches with Evagelia Maravelias's airy vocals. The song is on their new album, Trying Got Us Nowhere, and the band is DJing at Lit Lounge on July 1st.

MP3: Elika - The Whip
MySpace: Elika
Official Site: Elika

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Elizabeth U. said...

Not to be a bum, but no Vampire Weekend @ Central Park review? I wanna know if Kid Sister rocked that shit.

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