Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunrise Projector

School's started, and things are insane. Unfortunately, I still have shows to catch up on from August, but I'd like to bring back some spontaneity here. I'm working on a piece on Matthew Dear (to come out next Wednesday), and while browsing his really excellent label, Ghostly International, I came across some staggeringly good electronica from Tycho, aka Scott Hansen. In an illuminating video on Current that a commenter was kind enough to link to a while back, Tycho describes shoegaze as an inspiration, but there's a serenity here that pegs his music towards the more mellow, less violent side of the genre. He also creates incredible visual art under the name ISO50, but the music is vivid enough.

MP3: Tycho - From Home
MP3: Tycho - Pbs
MySpace: Tycho
Official Site: Tycho

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