Friday, October 17, 2008

Interlude: East Village Radio Festival

My initial reaction to the East Village Radio Festival was a dropped jaw. While the South Street Seaport was a staple over the summer, I had never been to a show as stacked as this. Although yet another downpour shifted the event to Sunday, September 7th (making this post very delayed, but better late than never), the actual event went off without a hitch. I missed the very first couple of performers, but arrived in time for Vivian Girls - note that this was before their self-titled album was properly hyped. Along with Brooklyn's High Places, they made the most of short sets, playing dreamy, pleasant indie pop.

Master of Ceremonies KRS-One noted during the break that EVR was celebrating its fifth year. Initially a pirate FM station, it now streams online, where most independent music thrives. A DJ from the station even joined in with Awesome Color, helping out with blasting, frenetic guitarwork. Events turned pretty silly afterwards, with an appearance from John Oliver from the Daily Show and an absurd romp through cars, girls and drugs with Devin the Dude. The set that I was looking forward the most was next: Warp's Flying Lotus. I was curious to see what sort of reaction he would receive, worrying that the crowd wouldn't "get" his abstract turntablism. But my fears were quelled: the set was weird but the beats were persistent and confident, and Lotus spun with a grin on his face. It was great.

Flying Lotus would stay on the stage, providing more beats as KRS-One began his own set, before departing. Even the MC veteran was impressed, saying he should grab some beats for his next album. KRS then launched into the most politically-charged set I've witnessed. While the perspective was a bit radical and oversimplified things, hip-hop should be about activism, and I commend him for it. The gargantuan sounds of Boris brought the day to a thunderous end, although I headed back a bit early. It was a great way to finish off the season, and I can't wait for next year. One thing that I missed out on was the side stage, on 210 Front Street, and it looks as if the folks at EVR aren't quite done: there's another show there in a week, featuring bands from Seaport Music Radio.

Vivian Girls

MP3: Vivian Girls - Tell the World
MP3: Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To
MySpace: Vivian Girls
Official Site: Vivian Girls

High Places

MP3: High Places - The Storm
MP3: High Places - Head Spins (Extended Version)
MySpace: High Places

Awesome Color

MySpace: Awesome Color
Official Site: Awesome Color

John Oliver

Official Site: The Daily Show

Devin the Dude

Flying Lotus
MySpace: KRS-One


MP3: Boris - Statement
MySpace: Boris
Official Site: Boris

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