Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beach Fossils and Dinosaur Feathers Played Brooklyn Bowl, Feb. 11

Talk about a happy alternative. I had originally planned to see Javelin down at Glasslands on Friday, but upon arriving, I learned it was sold out. So I trudged over to Brooklyn Bowl, figuring the massive place would still have room. Thankfully, it did.

I fought my way through the crowd in time to see part of Dinosaur Feathers. The Brooklyn group had just returned from a jaunt to California and were happy to be back.  It was an exuberant set, full of multi-part harmonies - although they often were yelps - and a gaudy, piercing synth. That particular instrument was a bit much, overpowering the mix and obliterating more subtle melodies.

Check out their free EP here and their Daytrotter Session here.

I saw headliners Beach Fossils at the Seaport in what feels like an eternity ago - the weather was much warmer, for sure. That set was a jangly, open-air affair, but I found the record a bit too cold, the reverb swallowing everything. "Daydream," with its incessant guitars, was a highlight, but I kept the rest of the songs at a distance.

Thankfully, their live performance is a much more vibrant affair. Singer Dustin Payseur's precise guitarwork and restrained vocals are the band's melodic centerpiece, but the drummer and (shoeless, neckless) bassist were what propelled them to a head-nodding groove. While there's a certain homogeneity in the band's palette, it created a cohesive mood.

And for the last few songs, the band rocked out, dancing around the stage and flailing at their instruments. Payseur slowly unwound his mic and leapt into the crowd, shattering the detachment.

Beach Fossils has a new EP coming out. Grab two older tracks at RCRD LBL.

Rest of the photos after the jump.

Beach Fossils

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