Monday, June 19, 2006

European Union: Bloc Party Les Black Sessions

Bloc Party is recording a new album, tentatively scheduled for a September release. After lighting up just about every indie "Best of 2005" list with the fantastic Silent Alarm and bringing in a host of notable artists (including the aforementioned Ladytron) for a remix album, anticipation is running justifiably high. There's undeniable energy and craftsmanship in the sound, but what really separates the band from peers fixated on, say, underage drinking is the ability of each song to capture the stress and uncertainty of modern life. (Sadly, it's probably this ambition that has deterred their popularity in a rather comatose United States, but that's just my cynicism showing.)

This set was recorded on Maison de la Radio in Paris, France on February 2nd, 2005. It's a great overview of the band's album, along with a few b-sides. Enjoy:

1. Intro
2. The Marshals Are Dead
3. Positive Tension
4. Banquet
5. This Modern Love
6. She's Hearing Voices
7. Helicopter
8. Luno
9. Plans
10. Like Eating Glass
11. Little Thoughts
12. Encore
13. Tulips
14. Price of Gasoline
15. So Here We Are

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Many more live recordings (including today's): (Fan Site) +
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