Friday, June 30, 2006

Math Rock: Metric Rarities

(I suppose a snappy little pun is a bit more elegant than describing them as "indie post-punk, synth-infused, female-fronted dance-rock.")

Apologies for the rather lengthy hiatus.

Metric is an from Toronto by way of New York City. It features the irresistible Emily Haines, who has also collaborated with Broken Social Scene, Stars, The Stills and Delerium, among others. Their most recent effort, Live It Out, has a very rocking, punk-influenced aesthetic, and is quite abrasive at times. As is the case with other artists, I often find myself drawn to older, mellower material. Unfortunately, the band never released this set of songs, but through the miracles of modern technology, they've been distributed. Also included is the synthtastic MSTRKRFT remix of "Monster Hospital". MSTRKRFT includes Jesse F. Keeler, formerly of the drums-and-bass duo Death From Above 1979 (R.I.P.). Enjoy:

Grow Up and Blow Away

1. Grow Up and Blow Away [Link]
2. On The Sly [Link]
3. Torture Me [Link]
4. Fanfare [Link]
5. Parkdale [Link]
6. Raw Sugar [Link]
7. The Twist [Link]
8. Rock Me Now [Link]
9. Soft Rock Star [Link]
10. White Gold [Link]
11. Hardwire [Link]

Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix) [Link]

Buy It Out: Here
Info on Emily's upcoming solo album and an mp3: Here

(Note: Updated links on February 10th.)

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