Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fake Emperor

Nathan Fake is not a DJ. He doesn't mix as much as compose, creating sweeping electronic landscapes in the same vein as Ulrich Schnauss. There's emotional heft to the tracks of his full length, the aptly titled Drowning in a Sea of Love, another example that electronic music needn't be impersonal. It's a natural transition for an artist that started out with catchy, repetitive beats a la "Adamedge" (not that anything's wrong with that), but Nathan really amps up the special effects on the album tracks, without compromising their hooks. "Grandfathered" was featured in a cellphone commercial, but this is more than just soundtrack stuff.

An interview with Nathan is posted at Higher Frequency. He was all set to play Rebel on October 26th, but it seems the gig's been canceled, a shame.

MP3: Nathan Fake - Adamedge
MP3: Nathan Fake - Bumblechord
MP3: Nathan Fake - Grandfathered

MySpace: Nathan Fake
Official Site: Nathan Fake

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Gabi said...

Hello, Roland!
This is good stuff!


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