Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Smile / Contest: Mark Ronson's Version

About thirty seconds into Alright, Still, the listener realizes that Lily Allen isn't your typical heartbroken chanteuse. Instead of dwelling on heartbreak, Allen uses rejection as the basis for snarky, occasionally mean, but consistently entertaining songwriting. Although less conspicuous, the production greatly enhances the experience, delivering consistently upbeat hooks, even when the subject matter's not nearly as cheery. Mark Ronson, one of the album's producers, has gained acclaim in his own right, releasing Version an album of covers and a rotating list of singers. Allen appears on the cover of the Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God," which you can check out here.

Thanks to the folks at Cornerstone, I'm giving away two one copy copies of Version, just in time for trick-or-treating. To enter, tell me what song Ronson should cover next and why, either by leaving a comment or email me with the subject line "My Version." If you go for the former, be sure leave a valid email address so I can follow up. Extra points for creativity, humor and hypothetical guest singers. Contest closes one week from today on November 7th. Good luck!

MP3: Lily Allen - Smile
MySpace: Lily Allen
MySpace: Mark Ronson
Official Site: Lily Allen
Official Site: Mark Ronson

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Anonymous said...

While I was reading this, "I was a lover" by TV on the Radio came on. It'd be very cool if Ronson did a version of this, changing the horns to something a bit less atonal and adding a more danceable beat. It's a gorgeous track and I think it would sound great if he funkified it a bit, with a good, soulful female singer. I'd say Amy Winehouse but that's too obvious. Ummm... How about Joss Stone?

Stefan (

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