Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dance Party, Pt 2

So, a couple months ago, I posted a little mix that seemed to appeal to a decent amount people - despite the fact that I wrote all of one word of description. I guess this is a follow up to that, although the word "minimal" isn't entirely appropriate here, as the collection has its share of anthemic basslines. I've been listening to a fair amount of DJ-Kicks of late, specifically those from Hot Chip, Erlend Øye and Booka Shade (who have a new live DVD out!), and I strongly, strongly recommend them all. I haven't given any other series as much time, although Fabric and Kompackt's Pop Ambient and Total seem good as well.

Anyhow, I've always been fascinated by the idea of creating a sustained listen using disparate sources, and this is my latest attempt. I've tried to stay away from your typical blog house suspects, although the Knife was far too good of an intro to pass up. Hopefully there's lots here that's new to you. It's a bit lean at eight tracks, but I think it's a length that's workable without being unwieldy. I'd appreciate any feedback, tips as far as actual digital mixing software, and any general mix recommendations. Cheers.

1. The Knife - Silent Shout
2. Apparat - Fractales Pt 1
3. Modeselektor - Godspeed
4. Seefeel - Industrious
5. Nathan Fake - Grandfathered
6. The Future Sound of London - Pulse State
7. Plastic Operator - Parasols
8. Luomo - Tessio

Entire Mix: Mediafire


worm said...

thats a nice mix!

by the way if you havn't heard the full 12" mix of moonbootica remix of luomo tessio - find it now! Its one of the all time great electro remixes without a doubt, from back in 2003- I guarantee you it will blow you away!!

keep up the good work!

caisa said...


Nathan Fake will be playing at the SMS festival in Croatia this September! It's going to be great! Other acts include Carl Craig, Friendly Fires, Optimo, Theo Parrish and Girlcore. Check it out at


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