Monday, February 18, 2008

We Came To Dance

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Booka Shade. Movements has become a staple in my eardrums, and their aforementioned DJ Kicks is excellent as well. It was a very pleasant surprise to learn that they just released an expanded version of Movements, including a DVD of their performance to a massive crowd at Pukkelpop. One might question the point of an electronic group releasing a live performance album, but Booka Shade are not your typical knob-twisters. In fact, they don't even consider themselves DJs, and while their shows feature a fair amount of electronic stuff, Arno's sick drumming really differentiates them from other producers. I picked up the DVD during one of my regular stops at Other Music, and I highly recommend it, just like everything else they've put out on their label, Get Physical.

Here are two highlights from the album, and two large, full length recordings of two sets. I'm looking forward immensely to the next time they play here, hopefully at Studio B.

MP3: Booka Shade - Body Language (Interpretation)
MP3: Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Album Version)
Set: Booka Shade - Live At Grodan Cocktail Club (01.01.06)
Set: Booka Shade - Essential Mix (02.06.07)
MySpace: Booka Shade
Official Site: Booka Shade


Its just a phase said...

Crazy to see this record still alive!
I never even quite got why it was so popular. I like it, but the obesession people have with it is so much beyond what i understand. I'd love to see how it comes across live though.

Anonymous said...

hey roland,

here's a remix of booka shade I made:

Thought might dig it

Anonymous said...

I'm on the dvd HAHAHA :D i'm the guy whit the white sunglasses that is smoking :P

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