Monday, May 05, 2008

Exit WSN

Friday's issue of Washington Square News was the last one of the semester, which was my third writing for the paper. For this final issue, we switched things up a bit, with summer concert and album previews and single-sentence album reviews. Here are my contributions:

No Fun Fest

May 16 - $18, May 17 - $20, May 18 - $18, Full Festival - $50
The Knitting Factory

Avant-garde, noise and drone takes over the Knitting Factory from May 16 to 18 during the fifth annual No Fun Fest. Elder noiseman Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth is the weekend's headliner and his set is sure to be peppered with cameo appearances, including the already announced NYU graduate student Nancy Garcia.

The rest of the lineup contains relative unknowns with bands such as Sewer Election and The Cathode Terror Secretion. But the festival is sure to be an ear-opening experience, if they don't rupture first.

Official Site: No Fun Fest
More festival previews: WSN

Radiohead - "The Best Of"
Release Date: June 2

Radiohead's former label EMI is set to release a double disc compilation of some of the band's most well known songs, spanning a range of five albums. From their first guitar-driven hit, "Creep," to the more electronic-based "Idioteque," the selections provide a wide-angle retrospective of the group's development. Unfortunately, since last year's "In Rainbows" was independently released, none of its tracks will appear on the compilation.

And this isn't the only shortcoming about the album's release. Radiohead will not endorse the project in any way, suggesting that financial motivation is the only reason for its existence. Additionally, they believe the release date, set for two days before the band's European summer tour, is a misguided decision.

But for those that have somehow managed to miss the band's highly regarded career, this certainly serves as a respectable introduction.

More album previews: WSN

Santogold - "Santogold"
M.I.A. comparisons are everywhere, but this Brooklyn transplant wails instead of raps, borrowing '80s rock influences without displacing hooks to create a funky, fresh sound.

MP3: Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
MP3: Santogold - Creator
MySpace: Santogold
More reviews: WSN

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