Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pulsewidth 03: The Elusive Richard D. James

Hey everyone. It's a bit of a crazy week, being the last one of classes and all - but things should be back to normal by the weekend. I do have another column up on NYU Local, and this week I write about a very special someone:

"The media frenzy surrounding Coachella dominated the top of this week, and for good reason. But amidst the photo-blogging and YouTubery, one individual stands apart. Various reviews and reactions suggest that Aphex Twin (born Richard D. James) put on a less than stellar performance. The man is not known for his familiarity: he’s used a variety of aliases, and it’s a gamble as far as what to expect from his live sets. Nonetheless, he’s one of the most influential and distinct electronic artists, and anyone with even a passing interest in the genre must experience his music."

Check out the rest here, stream below. Back soon.

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Caralee said...

Good for people to know.

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