Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Adventurous: CocoRosie in Amsterdam

A few tracks have emerged from CocoRosie's upcoming album, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn. The Casady sisters still sound incredibly unique, but this new material seems a bit more accessible, or at the very least a bit more grounded. (I particularly appreciate the lines, "Now, everybody wants to go to Iraq/We might have our freedom, but we're still on crack" from "Japan.") I'm hoping the rest of the album follows a similar line because, well, I'm a bit turned off by the excessive weirdness of some of their older material. One of the real strengths that I hope they really capitalize on is Sierra's incredible operatic vocals, which does seem to be happening on the leaks.

Here's a set that provides both a nice musical intro to the group, and also reveals a quite a bit through various interview segments. It was recorded on VPRO Radio in Amsterdam on May 13th, 2004. CocoRosie play locally at the Warsaw on April 20th.


1. Not For Sale
2. Interview Part 1
3. Interview Part 2
4. Left-Hand Shoe
5. Interview Part 3
6. Armageddon
7. Interview Part 4
8. By Your Side
9. Interview Part 5
10. Good Friday
11. Interview Part 6
12. Tahiti Rain Song
13. Interview Part 7
14. Beautiful Boyz
15. Madonna

For Sale: Here


Julie said...

I just discovered Cocorosie today. I LOVE THEM! Thx for posting their stuff!

Alice-Rose said...

Thankyou so much for posting this, I saw them on Sunday night and it was the best gig ever (review on my blog) - I completely agree about the fact they should always have made the most of Sierra's operatic skillz. I love the new album, it exceeds every expectation. Good work!

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