Friday, March 30, 2007

Two of Those Too: Tegan and Sara in NYC

Earlier this week, I received a pleasant surprise in my inbox, notifying me that the new Tegan and Sara record, entitled The Con, will be released on June 24th. Perhaps what is even more exciting is a plan for various small shows and in-stores, followed by a full tour in the fall. I can't think of a more engaging, charismatic band in live form, and I'm really looking forward to these shows. On the other hand, I'm a bit more ambivalent about this potential new album. The legendary (well, relatively) Chris Walla produced it, and the tracklist is rather intriguing. But for some reason, there's been a bit of disconnect when it comes to recent work. I guess the age gap, however slight, is a factor; I find it a bit hard to relate to all these songs on heartbreak that predominate later work.

So, yeah, my favorite album is still This Business of Art. Although I won't hear a significant portion of that album in a live setting this year, there are a huge number of recordings dating from that era, and here's one of them, recorded at our own Bowery Ballroom on May 22nd, 2001.


1. Frozen
2. Proud
3. Freedom
4. All You Got
5. My Number
6. Buried Alive
7. Divided
8. Hype
9. Goodbye
10. Your Love
11. Superstar

Confidence: Here

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rgsc said...

This is a great concert. For my money Tegan & Sara's independent release, "Under Feet Like Ours" is their best album. I keep listening but that remains their best and one of my favourite records (do you have it? if not let me know and I'll shoot a copy your way). I guess I haven't grown with the band - that first album really resonated with me and while I have enjoyed their subsequent releases I don't love them. A big part of it is the (over?) production - i prefer them a little more stripped down. Also, I think I might have a similar disconnect as you describe. Live, however, they are great . If you missed this post of mine from a 2000 performance let me know and, if you are interested I'll re-upload it for you.

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