Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nothing and Nowhere: Ride's Black Session

I need to listen to Ride more. Although I possess the shoegazing classic, Nowhere, I haven't heard it nearly enough, and I'm completely in the dark as far as newer stuff goes - although I do know that one song shares a name with one of my favorite blogs. But I am pleased to have heard the single, "Vapour Trail," probably one of the few 'gazing tracks that can be considered anthemic. There were apparently rumors of a reunion this year, but those seem to died down, which is probably for the best, considering the obscene number of other groups that are reuniting. On the other hand, even from my limited knowledge, it seems that they could really pull off the whole reunion thing; if I'm not mistaken, they eschewed fuzz for Britpop in latter years, and bassist Andy Bell joined some group called Oasis. So, they're pretty accessible, with conventional song structure, understandable singing, and all that good stuff, but for that reason, I guess they don't quite do as much for me as some of their dreamier peers. I generally go for overall sound before lyrics, generally preferring abstract pop songs to more literal ones, but in any case, I suppose I should give Nowhere, et al, some attention.

Anyhow, here's the band's Black Session, recorded on February 6th, 1994, along with said "Vapour Trail," as well as a cover by Trespassers William.


MP3: Ride - Vapour Trail
MP3: Trespassers William - Vapour Trail

1. How Does It Feel To Feel?
2. One Thousand Miles
3. Let's Get Lost
4. 0X4
5. Natural Grace
6. Birdman
7. Only Now
8. Magical Spring
9. Chelsea Girl
10. End of the Universe
11. Drive Blind

Buy a Ride: Here

In other news....

Do check out Pitchfork's interview and stream of Emma Pollock's new single, "Adrenaline."

MP3: Emma Pollock - Limbs


Juanjo said...

hey, very lovely post.
it's a big chance to hear ride
at least they sound better than my bloody valentine (i mean in live shows).


Anonymous said...

any chance of reposting the Black Session? i'd love to hear it. I've got quite a bit of rare Ride stuff i could do you in return if you like.



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