Friday, June 29, 2007

Interlude: Excuses For Travellers

(Upstate NY: pretty, but rather boring.)

Not to be too melodramatic, but I think I'm suffering what I'd consider to be a crisis of will. It's not completely due to personal (lack of) effort - Windows Vista demonstrates a remarkable inclination to crash, avoid like plague - nor is this lethargy limited to things musical and bloggerizable. But yeah, I'm having issues uploading onto Filexoom, which is why there's been a void of content here. Still, one has to try. In case you missed it...

One of the more exciting developments of the day is Stars announcing their fourth LP, In Our Bedroom After The War, to be released on September 25. You know that I love this band, but I think the track Pitchfork is offering will appeal to everyone, not just Arts & Crafts fanatics. A Fall US/UK tour is also in the works.

MP3: Stars - The Night Starts Here

Another band I really need to see is Fields, who have teamed up with an unlikely trio of producers for some dancefloor ready remixes. Although the group has an electronic element, these reworked tracks definitely offer a stylistic disparirt, although that's not necessary a bad a thing.

Did anyone go to the Mahogany show last night at Studio B? Apparently shoegaze was out in force, with Robin Guthrie joining them (and Andrew Prinz returning the favor in Guthrie's set). I wish I could have been there, but I'm sure I'll see the band again in the future. I'm longing for photos or writeups that might pop up, please share!

MP3: Mahogany - My Bed is My Castle
MP3: Mahogany - Supervitesse
MP3: Mahogany - Springtime, Save Our Country

Hope that redeems me somewhat. More (original) content to come, hopefully sooner than later...

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