Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trading Twilight For Daylight

Is it truly the first Sunday of November already? Somehow I can't quite comprehend that, but the calender doesn't lie, it just speeds up sometimes. The weather's definitely been leaning towards winter, global warming-induced fluctuations aside, and unfortunately that's only bound to get worse. Daylight Savings ends today, meaning things get darker quicker, but hopefully the hour tweak will make my insomnia slightly less pronounced.

Enjoy the tunes...and the extra sleep.

MP3: Azure Ray - November
MP3: Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster
MP3: The National - Mr. November
MP3: Trembling Blue Stars - November Starlings

MP3: Daylight's For The Birds - For Now
MP3: Delerium - Daylight (ft. Matthew Sweet)
MP3: Imogen Heap - Daylight Robbery
MP3: The Twlight Sad - That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy

Oh, and the title of this post originates from an album by Great Northern, whom I need to listen to a bit more before I can write something coherent about them.

1 comment:

mjrc said...

this is a great playlist. i love that azure ray song, especially. : )

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