Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Pipettes Return, Take On Earth

The Pipettes released their new album in the U.S. today. Entitled Earth vs. the Pipettes, the sophomore effort sees the group shrink from a duo to trio, with Rose Elinor Dougall and RiotBecki leaving the band to start solo careers. The new lineup has singer Gwenno Saunders paired with her sister, Ani, and ex-drummer Joe Lean is replaced by Alex White, while the songwriters and backup band remain intact.

Preliminary listens suggest that they've shifted from the bombastic girl group sound into a sleeker, more electronic sound, which has its upsides and downsides. No stateside tour dates yet, but we'll keep a look out.

Here's the video for "Stop The Music." There's also a smooth Justus Köhncke remix here.

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