Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Heartthrob Playing Bar 13 Tonight, Kate Simko at the Delancey Thursday

Building on the recent Minus kick, Jesse Siminski, aka Heartthrob, will be playing tonight at Bar 13 in the Village. Promoters Blkmarket Membership, Esthetik and ReSolute had some problems with police at their Saturday party, and this is a sort of consolation. (It's been a rough week for concert venues all over the city.) It's free for ticket holders of the Saturday event, and apparently $15 otherwise. Mara Trax opens.

The promoters will also have the awesome Kate Simko, along with Burnski, at the Delancey on Thursday.

Hear Heartthrob's awesome "Baby Kate" (no relation to Simko) below.

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