Friday, November 19, 2010

Lindstrøm, JDH and Dave P Played LPR, Nov. 13

Le Poisson Rouge has been killing it recently with a slew of diverse electronic acts, and last Saturday saw the Norwegian disco maestro Hans-Peter Lindstrøm take over the decks. But first up were JDH and Dave P, the two gentlemen behind the long-running series FIXED, which celebrates its sixth anniversary tomorrow. They kept the energy high, blasting divas and basslines that kept the crowd in motion. Here's a nice montage of their set.

Perhaps because of the boisterous prelude, Lindstrøm felt like a sharp drop, starting with frosty, atmospheric beats. Unfortunately, things didn't ever reach the sustained peaks of his studio work, and the set meandered, rather than coalescing into something really special.

Lindstrøm's recently been collaborating with singer Christabelle on more pop-centric tracks, but she wasn't there, and he instead murmured into the microphone at various points, attempting a sort of centrist approach between pop and dance music. But the crowd didn't really respond, and it was sadly almost a relief when JDH and Dave P took over again.

It's kind of a shame, because he's definitely capable of working the crowd, but tonight, it just wasn't really there.

Lindstrøm - "I Feel Space"

Rest of the pictures after the jump.

JDH and Dave P


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