Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hype: T&S at The Point, Bryn Mawr

About a year ago, I really got into Tegan and Sara. They really instilled an appreciation for live music in me, as their banter, musicianship, and terrific personalities really make for one of the best live shows I've heard. Unfortunately, my experiences are limited to (an obscene number of) live recordings, as they've been on hiatus for the better part of the year. As recently freaked out about, Chris Walla will be producing their next album, which should definitely be out some time next year.

As promised, here's an older set, recorded at the Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania on July 11th, 2001. As you can see from the numerous intros, there's a hefty amount of banter, as well as many of the more obscure songs in their repertoire.


1. Frozen Intro
2. Frozen
3. Proud Intro
4. Proud
5. Divided Intro
6. Divided
7. All You Got
8. My Number Intro
9. My Number
10. Hype
11. Buried Alive Intro
12. Buried Alive
13. One Month Intro
14. One Month
15. Come On Intro
16. Come On
17. The First
18. Your Love Intro
19. Your Love
20. Welcome Home Intro
21. Welcome Home
22. Freedom
23. Not With You Intro
24. Not With You
25. This Is Everything Intro
26. This Is Everything
27. Superstar Intro
28. Superstar
29. Don't Confess
30. More For Me Intro
31. More For Me

Also, check out this awesome video of the Party Ben mashup: Here.

Extensive Video Archive: Here
Come On: Here

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Ctelblog said...

Cool - More T&S please. Got into them via the PartyBen mash-up. Hope you have heard his 2007 version.

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