Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love Songs On The Radio: Snow Patrol on KCRW

Despite the occasional gem on the radio during my stay upstate, I'm afraid to say that the my stay was populated mostly Top 40-type stuff at work. While I was generally tuning it out through headphones, the occasional period of exposure (like when my iPod went for a swim and wasn't functioning for a couple days) wasn't terribly impressive. Although I've developed something bordering on fondness for "Umbrella," I suppose the only way I like my mainstream pop is chopped up into tasty bits via Girl Talk (more on him later). Anyways, one group that did sort of stand out was Snow Patrol, whose single "Chasing Cars" seems to have been quite the hit. Although I haven't listened to Eyes Open in a while, I don't really remember that particular track as a standout, which is clearly why I not working at any radio stations. On the whole, I would say that I prefer Final Straw, and "Run" is such a spectacular track. But it's somewhat gratifying that a band like Snow Patrol has achieved such success, and you also gotta appreciate their iTunes playlist.

Here's the band's Final Straw-centric KCRW session, recorded on May 20th, 2004. And remember, check out Savenetradio.org and continue to support your web-based radio stations, or else we'll all be listening to...


1. Wow
2. Gleaming Auction
3. Spitting Games
4. How To Be Dead
5. Interview
6. Chocolate
7. Run
8. Same
9. Tiny Fractures

Buy: Here


Ian said...

Thanks for this and thanks for the blog, but the links do no work
Cheers and keep up the good work

Roland said...

Hey Ian,

They're working for me right now, but if you're still having problems, I can sendspace it.


eli said...

They're not working for me either. They all come up as the same file; nonpremium.mp3, 136.75KB, 8 seconds.

Roland said...

Okay, here's the link:

Apparently Snapdrive resets its bandwidth daily, so maybe it'll work tomorrow. If there are still problems, leave a message. Thanks!

eli said...

Thanks a bunch for all the work you put into the blog. That was very cool of you to re-up the files on Sendspace for us. Keep up the great work!

Roland said...

Hey, no problem. It's very gratifying that people are stopping by.

matt said...

Hi. Can you email the link to me as I think it may have expired?

Cheers mate

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