Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hi-Five, Public Radio!

Last Friday afternoon, it was raining again. That in-and-of-itself was not so impressive, as it's been pouring pretty routinely for the last month or so. But the weather set a decidedly mellow mood, and caused me to bum a ride back from work (which will get far more exciting after I return to NYC this weekend). I was listening absentmindedly to the radio, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a breakbeat, which eventually coalesced into what could easily be described as trip-hop, complete with that female vocalist. I did some research, and apparently I was listening to show called the Beat Authority, a bit of a worldly gem in an environment dominated by Top 40 stations. Unfortunately, you have to be in the upper-New York area to have a listen, but its playlist is a resource that's available for everyone. As for the song itself, it's a collaboration between the jazz group the New Mastersounds and one Corinne Baily Rae, whose name and album cover I've seen a few times, but never had the adequate propulsion to seek out, until now. The version I heard is actually a remix by the DJ Fred Everything, who was already be residing in my iPod thanks to a Trentemøller remix. To tie things up even more neatly, the New Mastersounds also covered Sneaker Pimps' classic "6 Underground." And if that isn't evidence of the interconnectedness of, well, everything, I don't know what is.

MP3: The New Mastersounds - Your Love Is Mine (Fred Everything Remix)
MP3: The New Mastersounds - Six Underground
MP3: Corinne Baily Rae - Put Your Records On
MP3: Fred Everything & 20for7 - Friday (Trentemøller Remix)

In other news...

Lots of good stuff out there today. The Village Voice has features on the Field and Vampire Weekend, brooklynvegan unveils the new Tegan and Sara video (and freaks me out by saying their Webster Hall show is sold out, but apparently it's not yet), and Pitchfork has a review of the new Emily Haines EP that I kind of forgot was coming out. Enjoy.

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mjrc said...

thanks for the new mastermind's six underground and the fred everything mix--very cool!

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