Friday, July 06, 2007

Fight Off The Lethargy: Interpol in NYC

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I'm still here! Although my output has slackened, to put it lightly, I have been trying to keep up with things around the blogosphere. Although I've been meaning to address Interpol for quite a while now, the revelation that they're playing MSG in September makes this all the more timely. While far from an ideal setup (like their recent secret show at the Bowery Ballroom), I'm extremely tempted to go to the Garden for something other than a Rangers game (Drury and Gomez! Excellent!). And although this heightened popularity is all rather inconvenient for the indie purist, I'm thrilled for the group's continued exposure. Interpol is the epitome of NYC, or at least, my ideal of the city: bleak romanticism and, inevitably, with its strong supporters and detractors. Count me in the former.

The only question that remains, I suppose, is whether the band can fill the Garden to capacity. Apparently they sold out two nights at Radio City Music Hall the last (official) time they were in town, and neatly enough, here's a recording of the second night, March 2nd, 2005.


1. Next Exit
2. Evil
3. Say Hello to the Angels
4. Length of Love
5. Narc
6. Public Pervert
7. Not Even Jail
8. Hands Away
9. Slow Hands
10. NYC
11. C'mere
12. Take You On A Cruise
13. Obstacle 1
14. Specialist
15. Roland

Buy: Here

In other news...

I've really been digging Fujiya & Miyagi of late, and they're playing at the South Street Seaport tonight. Go, because I can't.

MP3: Fujiya & Miyagi - Photocopier

As alluded to in the first half of the title, I'm finally going to see Metric, barring catastrophe! Pitchfork has a nice review of Grow Up And Blow Away, which came out last week, and stereogum has a streamable cut from Ms. Haines' new solo EP. Wonder what's in our setlist...

Happy July!


matt said...

I for 1 am glad you're still around. Extremely jealous that you are off to see Metric. Saw Bright Eyes on Wednesday. Very good.

Flux said...

Thanks for this. Tho', link for 11 is
Thanks again.

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