Thursday, July 19, 2007

You Say You're Only Human/But That's No Excuse At All

Context is a wonderful thing. In retrospect, copious name-dropping probably is the only easy way to do a review, as pointing out influences is the only surefire way to describe a band without resorting to more abstract descriptions. But for less critical individuals, this web of categorization is often supplanted by a more humane consideration – particularly in today’s super-connected music environment – the individuals that make up groups. As for as today goes, this all means that I should have gotten into Dirty on Purpose a whole lot earlier.

A friend of mine first introduced me to the group by naming them as one of her favorites, and while they popped up under the local show listings over the Spring, I didn’t really pay much heed until one day, on a whim, taking a look at their informative AMG page. Aside from an appealing description ("A shoegazer-inspired indie band from New York City?" I’m sold!), that aforementioned name-dropping (although I don't recognize any of the latter trio), the fact that current Au Revoir Simone member Erika Foster was previously in the group was of particular esoteric significance. Sure enough, you can distinctly hear her on the lovely “All New Friends” on the early Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow EP, and she's all over their full length, Hallelujah Sirens. I really like this record; it’s at times mellow and soothing, at other points noisy and cathartic, all while retaining a sort of detachment that I’m generally fond of.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tracked down any live stuff (for now...), but here are a couple studio tracks I’ve particularly enjoyed. Dirty On Purpose are actually dropping by WOXY tomorrow, and playing NYC in the coming months. Au Revoir Simone plays at the South Street Seaport on August 10th, and barring further calamities, I’ll be there.

MP3: Dirty On Purpose – All New Friends
MP3: Dirty On Purpose – Your Summer Dress
Buy: Here

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Aram Zucker-Scharff said...

So... total off topic comment:

Muse and The White Stripes are playing at my school next week, Michael Bublé the week after.

What the hell? Why don't they wait and play when I get back!?


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