Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Swing Your Heartache

I've been listening to copious amounts of Young Galaxy's self-titled lately. They're yet another offshoot of the Arts & Crafts family, and what with singer Stephen Ramsay being the former tour guitarist of Stars, they fit nicely into the family. While the comparisons are ripe, Young Galaxy create indie pop that's more akin to the gauzy epics found in - you guessed it - shoegaze. Album opener "Swing Your Heartache" stretches the chorus of "C'mon babe" to a soaring breaking point, and while there are some questionable lyrics, dream pop was never about the words. The heart of the album does a nice job of mixing sleepy textures with rockier ones. The late track "Embers" enters singer-songwriter territory, with Catherine McCandless delivering perfectly restrained vocals amidst a hushed backdrop that gets really pretty about halfway through. Unfortunately, the band's up in Canada at least for the next month, but I definitely look forward to seeing them in the future. Maybe they'll open for Stars.

MP3: Young Galaxy - Swing Your Heartache
MP3: Young Galaxy - Embers
MySpace: Young Galaxy
Official Site: Young Galaxy

In other news (because I've been trying to keep up)...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets slammed by our uptown neighbors. Is it just me, or would our fearless leader just give the guy a hug?

Fluxblog has new Hot Chip. Well, new at one point, at least.

Appearances aside, Virgin Mobile and Flickr does not a good combination make.

Pitchfork has a stream of the new video for Emily Haines' "Our Hell." The timing's curious, but video's beautiful, in a suitably Soft Skeleton way.

Hockey's fun even when it doesn't count.

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