Monday, September 03, 2007

Terrible Name, Pretty Music

And it is September. Wow.

So it's been a while since I've posted some general music blurbs, what with all the concert-going (Friday's action should be up soon). In an effort to get the word out about inside stuff I've been enjoying, I'm going to try to post (more) regularly about artists that arrive on my eardrums in digital form.

I'll admit that I was pretty turned off by Bang Gang's cringe-worthy moniker, and subsequently missed out. The group centers around Bardi Johansson and a number of guest vocalists, living up to the latter part of its name but crafting dreamy tracks that aren't nearly as painful as the first half suggests. Iceland has a reputation for the ethereal, and Bardi fits the bill nicely, with each heartbroken song delivered through a wisp of a voice (his or another's), and infused with electronic textures. While not terribly distinctive or groundbreaking, the material is enjoyable enough. Incidentally, Bardi is also in Lady & Bird with Keren Ann. Small world!

MP3: Bang Gang - Find What You Get
MP3: Bang Gang - Follow
MP3: Bang Gang - Something Wrong

MySpace: Bang Gang
Official Site: Bang Gang

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