Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dust Galaxy: Stars Demos

Hm, another band that needs to release something immediately. I heart Stars. That's not a clunky pun, that's an understatement. I mean, I was just comparing them last week to the Dears, whom I've grown to appreciate, but Stars are on a different orbit altogether. But it really has been too long; the great Set Yourself On Fire was released almost two years ago (three in Canada). Now, I can't really fault them - between Broken Social Scene, Amy Millan's forays into country and Torq's work with Memphis, they've been quite busy in the last few months.

So does anyone remember this Pitchfork blurb concerning their remix album? We were chatting about it over at the Torture Garden, before Arcade Fire madness set it (Go Montreal!), and I guess there's a chance of it coming out soon, at least in some limited distribution. They've posted a remix of "The First Five Times" over at their MySpace, and what looks like a the album cover, so I guess the signs are somewhat positive.

Anyways, today's (yet another) time for retrospection. Stars actually started out as a duo in NYC, and their first album Nightsongs substitutes much of the subsequent orchestral elements for electronics. These demos date from that earlier time, and while the arrangements may be simpler, they're just as pretty. Thanks to Katherine from Counting Stars on the Ceiling for the request. Again, feel free to submit your own.


1. Counting Stars on the Ceiling
2. My Radio
3. International Rock Star
4. Tru
5. The Very Thing
6. On Peak Hill (ft. Emily Haines)
7. Going, Going, Gone (ft. Emily Haines)
8. Write What You Know
9. Tonight
10. Better Be Heaven
11. When?
12. This Charming Man (The Smiths Cover)
13. Liar
14. The Woods
15. Your Love
16. Better Be Heaven (Reprise)
17. Moonlight
18. London Fields
19. Gangster's Apprentice
20. A New Year

Friend of the Night: Here


katherine said...

thank you SO MUCH!

rgsc said...

very cool.

very, very cool.

jwp said...

are these files still available? i just get a blank page opening at mydatabus.com...

Roland said...

I think MyDataBus is working again, but bandwidth is limited. So, if it doesn't work today, try again tomorrow, or email me and I'll get 'em to you.

Julie said...

Thanks, Roland!

Stars are set to record the new album in March, to be released in September. So, yay!

Minn said...

it's like almost 2 years later but I just found this site.

Any chance of re-uploading? :]

Salo said...

i agree, they're all missing :(

..and is "a new year" always going to skip during the second verse??!

all i need is a cleaner copy of that

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