Sunday, May 13, 2007

Opening Credits: Trentemøller's Essential Mix

One of the most stunning tracks of the last year, electronic or otherwise, came courtesy of Anders Trentemøller. "Take Me Into Your Skin" is an epic eight minute journey, starting with creepy ambient beats, an abstract vocal sample, and a spectacular percussion-driven crescendo. Unfortunately, the rest of his album, The Last Resort, wasn't nearly as immediate; although it's a great mood piece, there isn't really enough to get attached to. Thus, it's really nice to hear a more eclectic crowd filtered through Anders' impeccable selection, courtesy of his Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. While far from danceable, it's a unique collection from one of today's most distinct electronic artists. This summer, Anders plays a slew of European dates with drummer Henrik Vibskov and guitarist Mikael Simpson, which should be very interesting.


MP3: Trentemøller - Essential Mix [Sendspace]
MP3: Trentemøller - Take Me Into Your Skin
MP3: Trentemøller - Take Me Into Your Skin (Nudisco Edit)
Evil: Here

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Hi could I ask what are your 25 favorite songs?
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