Monday, December 04, 2006

Interlude: Coming In From The Cold

Au Revoir Simone (not to be confused with Emilie) opened for the Stills at the Bowery Ballroom last Friday, and while mild physical exhaustion and brutal precipitation made me opt for another viewing of Casino Royale, I kinda wish I had gone. Happily, I was able to catch them tonight at Other Music, and many thanks to the store for organizing such great in-stores. I'm pretty predisposed to like Au Revoir, as I have a weakness for female vocalists, warm synths and driving electro-beats. Au Revoir uses all three elements prominently, and this evening's set was a great experience.

Their Moshi Moshi biography states, "[Keyboardist and vocalist] Erika too harbours a love of German label Morr, specifically artists such as Guther, Lali Puna and Ms. John Soda." This penchant for "indietronica" was evident throughout the show, but there are many influences at work here. Tanmay of Musicality, who was also in attendance, noted that they closed with a cover of Rod Stewart’s "Young Turks," and AMG's review of their album, Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation, cites a number of other bands.

While there were a few minor technical difficulties, they didn't really affect my enjoyment of the set. The actual setup was far more impressive than when I saw Silversuns, as there was an actual PA. Also, some foreign show was filming the performance, and I'll let you know if footage pops up. All in all, a very fun evening.

There are a couple tracks up at the official site. Enjoy:

Through The Backyards

You can also stream a few songs at their MySpace. Tomorrow, the band heads off the Japan for a few dates. Best of luck!

Love and Some Verses: Here

Oh, and it's a small world. Au Revoir have a song on Verses entitled "The Winter Song." Eisley has an identically titled seasonal song, which you can check out via Covert Curiosity; they'll be playing their final show of the year on December 17th.

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