Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Have Sixteen Knives: Interpol Black Session

The signs look more auspicious every day: a new, if undeveloped, official page, high profile appearances at SXSW and Coachella, and for better or ill, signing with Capitol Records. It's been a while, but seems that Interpol is finally coming back. I guess the length of this hiatus really sinks in when I realize that my last memories of them are tied to, well, mainstream sources. Yet, my appreciation for them has really grown, even as I've delved into a wide range of music. For once, I can say that mainstream success is not only well deserved, but pretty darn understandable, can't wait for the third album.

Here's their second Black Session, recorded on September 21st, 2004, as requested by Matt. Incidentally, their Black EP contains selections from the first session, recorded in 2002. If you have any requests, feel free to drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.


1. Obstacle 1
2. Evil
3. Say Hello to the Angels
4. Slow Hands
5. Not Even Jail
6. NYC
7. Length of Love
8. Narc
9. Leif Erikson
10. PDA
11. Stella Was A Diver and She Was Always Down
12. Roland

Fight Crime: Here


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way about their mainstream success. no selling out there.

d16 said...

i think interpol is one of the best group around for the moment

Anonymous said...

links don't seem to work anymore.

Roland said...

Here's a zip of the whole show if the above links still aren't working for you:

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