Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bible Study: Manic Street Preachers in Vancouver

So I had planned to do a post on Animal Collective, but what I heard really did nothing (and kinda hurt) for me. If anyone just has to have some of their live stuff, tell me and I guess I can give it another go. Anyways, that misfire turned out well in the end, as I got into this very nice set from Manic Street Preachers. As with the Collective, my introduction came about mostly through hearsay; it's really incredible how many band names you'll recognize without having heard an actual song. The Preachers did a nice remix of Massive Attack's "Inertia Creeps," and a quick glance through their biography yields a story that's as convoluted as it is fascinating.

As with far too many bands these days, I haven't really delved into their studio work, and it seems most of the States are in the same boat. (What's with our mainstream's aversion to political British bands?) But the nice thing about live music, whether in concert or recorded form, is that familiarity isn't essential for enjoyment. In many ways, lacking expectations leads to an unbiased listen. Admittedly, I was hoping for a little more political content in light of their history, but they've definitely softened a bit. Nonetheless, the Preachers craft melodic, meaningful rock, and you can't ask for much more from a band. Here's the set, recorded in Vancouver on September 22nd, 1999.


1. You Stole The Sun From My Heart
2. Faster
3. Tsunami
4. No Surface All Feeling
5. The Everlasting
6. Ready For Drowning
7. Motown Junk
8. My Little Empire
9. Train In Vain
10. Black Dog On My Shoulder
11. Australia
12. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
13. A Design For Life

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