Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Honey Power: The Jesus and Mary Chain Live

A lot of the buzz surrounding this year's Coachella concerns the reunion of the Jesus and Mary Chain. Despite having a fondness for shoegaze and Scotland alike, I'm not really familiar with the group, so this set represented a fresh listen. I'm not quite convinced that JAMC are really shoegaze, although they seem to be lumped into that group. They're definitely more rock-oriented and less "dreamy" than some of the latter 'gazers, so it isn't quite the love-at-first-listen a la, say, Slowdive. Nonetheless, I'll give their studio recordings a chance and get back to you on them at some point.

Here's the set, recorded on October 14th, 1994. It's tagged as "Jackseon The Edge" for album, but I haven't any notion where that is. If anyone could shed some light on the locale, that would be appreciated.


1. Intro
2. Blues From A Gun
3. Taste The Floor
4. Hole
5. Everybody I Know
6. Dirty Water
7. Far Gone and Out
8. Save Me
9. Girlfriend
10. Catchfire
11. Happy When It Rains
12. Come On
13. Snakedriver
14. Nine Million Rainy Days
15. Sugar Ray
16. Gold Help Me
17. Sidewalking

Destroy Rock & Roll: Here


Saturna said...

Sweet sweet set. Thanks a million for posting this. Takes me back. I'm so glad they're playing Coachella!

Anonymous said...

JAMC is to shoegaze as the Stooges are to punk. JAMC is a rock band and later "shoegaze" bands picked up on the shoegazey elements of JAMC's rock and made those elements into a new genre.

Anonymous said...

This gig took place at the Edge in Jacksonville, Florida.

Christian said...

This site has a gig archive for The Jesus and Mary Chain: and confirms Jacksonville: http://aprilskies.amniisia.com/

Thank you so much for the work you put into this site. One small thing, though: The Intro of this set is linked to the intro of the Catherine Wheel set you posted on December 18. If you could fix this, you'd have my eternal gratitude!

Roland said...

Thanks for clearing that up, guys. The "Intro" link has been fixed.

Christian said...

That was fast! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the file links are dead...

Was the Intro the medley of riffs they used to play before the band hit the stage in the '90s (snips of Stooges, Stones, etc.)? I've been looking for it for a friend. He's getting married and wants to use it as the pre-entrance music when they walk down the aisle.

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