Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ride: Band of Horses on KEXP

Let's close out the rather eventful month with a little set from Band of Horses. Again, I'm not really familiar with this group, aside from the buzz-generating track, "The Funeral." Nonetheless, this short but sweet KEXP set is some pretty good indie rockin'. It was recorded on April 13th, 2006.


1. The Great Salt Lake
2. Part One
3. Wicked Gil
4. The Funeral

Part Two: Here

In other news (monthly retrospective edition)...

Pitchfork reports that Ladytron will be paired with Nine Inch Nails during their European tour, while also providing an mp3 of "Sugar." According to the 'tron official site, the show at New York's Capitale will be free, but obtained tickets looks to be a hassle (smoking kills, kids).

Good Weather for Airstrikes has a monstrous end-of-year video retrospective. Look out for a songs list soon.

rbally is over. Jennings, thanks for everything; you'll be sorely missed!

Pretentious Prattle gets a facelift.

The Rangers' short-lived two game winning streak comes to an end in Toronto, much to PB&J's dismay. Incidentally, "Wicked Gil" is on NHL2K7 (thanks, Wikipedia).

Happy February, folks!

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Nicholas said...

Hey Roland, it's TAS. Not that this has anyting to do with this blog post, but indirectly because of you I have serveral Camera Obscura songs stuck in my head. And, yes, I'm actually listing to (almost) everything in the blog, instead of just reading

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