Thursday, January 11, 2007

Neon Bible: The Notwist in Vancouver

As promised, here's a live set from the Notwist, recorded on February 12th, 2004 in Vancouver. I wasn't aware that the band was from Munich, the location of our connecting flight home on Tuesday, until hearing the introduction. It sure is a small world. While the elements of laid back vocals and electronic textures are definitely significant here, the live setting is a bit more immediate than the studio setting, which is always an appealing part of a show. Themselves guest, contributing to a pretty epic jam at the tail end of the show, and the two groups would later combined and release 13 & God.


1. Bring It On Home
2. One With The Freaks
3. Pick Up The Phone
4. This Room
5. No Encores
6. Head By Head and Heart By Heart
7. Neon Golden
8. Puzzle
9. Day 7
10. Trashing Days
11. Chemicals
12. Pilot
13. We Stay Here and There Everyday
14. One Dark Love Poem
15. Consequence
16. Jam
17. Off The Rails

Pile of Gold: Here

And, as the title more or less obligates, I have to mention that the Arcade Fire is playing five nights in February at the Judson Memorial Church, a place amidst our campus, and all five shows are naturally sold out. Darn.

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