Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Week That Was #14: Late Night Tales

Despite the rampant Coachellafest that occurred over the last week, my intake of new and exciting music definitely picked up. Enjoy!

The Postmarks are, I suppose, one of those bands that I should have seen recently. I was leaning towards checking out Smoosh at the Knitting Factory at couple weeks ago, where they opened, but unfortunately I passed. The important thing is that I finally did give them a listen, and it's nice, but still growing on me. They're occasionally too polite, and Tim Yehezkely's widely-described wisp of a voice isn't quite as affecting as some of her peers. Still, it's pretty, which isn't so surprising as their self-titled album was produced by Ivy's Andy Chase, and they've also released a Remix EP, which I'm always fond of. Check out the Smudge of Ashen Fluff for some live tracks, as well as their official site for more songs.

MP3: The Postmarks - Goodbye
MP3: The Postmarks - Goodbye (James Iha Remix)
Buy: Here

It's remarkable how much you can do with so little. Supposing, of course, you're a part of Booka Shade, whose second album Movements seems to have flown under the radar (it could just be that I'm a year late). Although minimal, "Night Falls" is evocative, Trentemølleresque in its moodiness. Thanks to Larry from WSN for tipping me off here.

MP3: Booka Shade -Night Falls
Buy: Here

My main motivation for checking Tussle out was, of course, after seeing them live with Hot Chip. Their most recent offering, Telescope Mind, is much like their live set; the recorded songs are still groovy, percussion-driven abstractions, but they're mellow enough to make for darn good study music. "Warning" - not to be confused with their tourmate's album - is an epic seven minute jammer, not shifting significantly, but still an interesting listen.

MP3: Tussle - Warning
Buy: Here

When Frank of Chromewaves recommends something this enthusiastically, I listen up. When the band in question not only justifies the gushing, but conforms to my own tastes splendidly, I listen to them copiously. Specifically, it's been the title track from Lucky Soul's self-released album that's really been a favorite: just when you think you've hit the song's peak, the band wows you by bringing in another string flourish, or an even prettier verse. Sublime.

MP3: Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted
Buy: Here

Although my consumption of the Chemical Brothers last week was tied to their Coachella set, I feel the need to post this track, which was absent from the gig. It features Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William, whom I featured all the way back at the start of this insanity. Trespassers have just released a six-song set of original material via an EP entitled Noble House. Meanwhile, the Brothers release LP number six, We Are The Night, on June 18th.

MP3: The Chemical Brothers - Hold Tight London (ft. Anna-Lynne)
Buy: Here

So I'm going to start French next semester. It's a move that might warp my academic schedule over the next couple years, but at this point, I'm so confused as far as career goals, it should at least make things interesting. At the very least, I should begin to discern the meaning of sleazy-yet-appealing house en Francais, courtesy of Yelle. I know, I know, there's little inherent meaning here, no matter what language, but goodness is it addictive.

MP3: Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
Buy: Here

Despite hearing this track for the first time last night, I am completely infatuated. Here I was, thinking that Sneaker Pimps was just a couple of producers, which I suppose is the case now, but most definitely not on their debut, Becoming X. Vocalist Kelli Ali, who inexplicably left the band following the album's release, is just indispensable here, with singing that's as soulful as anything this side of Massive Attack (fittingly, Wild Bunch guru Nellee Hooper contributes a great remix as well). She has two solo albums, and I'll probably investigate those before moving on to later work from the guys in the band.

MP3: Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
MP3: Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)
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Petite Musique Du Quotidien said...

A really great blog ! Thanks to you, I discover a lot of new music. I'm here after a search on Hooverphonic, and I'm happy to discover more great bands. Thank you :)

Guuzbourg said...

ah, yet another Yelle-fan! welcome to the club ;-)
when it's French music you're looking for, stop by my blog every now & then. lots and lots of French singing girls, with jazz, house, rock and everything inbetween.

Guuzbourg said...

oh, and by the way, you like Booka Shade, you should try The Field. Minimal to the max.

Toutouboubou said...

Excellent blog. Lot of nice stuff. I love Night Falls of Booka Shade and the remix of Larry Golds is amazing.

Check my blog
You gonna find reviews in French and English, a podcast section with my mixes and an home-made radio.

See ya

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