Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On: Immaculate Machine in Winnipeg

As recently mentioned, Immaculate Machine is releasing a new album in about a month. Although the band falls somewhat under the shadow of keyboardist Kathryn Calder's other group, there's plenty of the same pop goodness to be found here, and hopefully this new release will give them much deserved recognition. Perhaps I'm being naive it, but when a band is this darn likeable, such attention seems inevitable.

Here's their set at the Garrick in Winnipeg on October 14th, 2006, opening for those aforementioned Pornographers. While the songs stay pretty true to their recorded form, it's nice to hear the audience incorporated into shouts of "On" and "Off," as well as interspersing French vocals on "Broken Ship" and "So Cynical." It's going to be a great year for new releases.


1. Northeastern Wind
2. Dear Confessor
3. Phone No.
4. On/Off
5. Broken Ship
6. So Cynical
7. Death of a Rockstar
8. Latest Breaking News
9. C'mon Sea Legs
10. No Such Thing As The Future
11. Don't Leave Without Us

Ships: Here


mjrc said...

hey, this is great. i really like the one song "dear confessor," but i always like to hear more than one track before making up my mind. : )

Anonymous said...

Pleased to meet you!

Gavin said...

So Cynical, wow what a track......

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