Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vicarious: LCD Soundsystem in Ireland

LCD Soundsystem
drops by Studio B tonight for a DJ set. Jona Bechtolt, aka YACHT, opens, and while I'm not terribly familiar with his own material, his work as one half of the Blow is very good. Although he's a bit of a recluse when it comes to appearing on stage when Khaela's involved, I suppose he won't have a choice if he's going to be spinning. LCD resembles a bit of a collective, with a live band that includes, on occasion, Al Doyle of Hot Chip, who guested on their incredible Coachella set, which you can grab over at Culture Bully. But despite numerous talented collaborators, it's first and foremost James Murphy's project, and his involvement goes beyond just production. Although hardly the traditional crooner, James makes for an incredible, energetic frontman, and his live presence is something that's apparent, even on a mere recording.

This set was actually posted over at the now sadly missing rbally about a year ago, and it was recorded at Electric Picnic in Ireland on September 4th, 2005. It's interesting to compare the frenetic, occasionally abrasive tunings of this set with their more recent one. If you're heading over to Studio B tonight, or catching the band at Webster Hall on Monday, have fun!


1. Beat Connection
2. On Repeat
3. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
4. Tribulations
5. Movement
6. Losing My Edge
7. Yeah

Give It Up: Here


butter team said...

this is fantastic, thanks. have never seen losing my edge live.

d16 said...

wow!! awesome mate!!

schmod said...

has a suitable replacement for rBally ever been found?

I miss it too :-/

jennings said...

Thanks for the kind words . . . and who knows, maybe one day the site will return.

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