Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Belgian Neutrality: Hooverphonic at Benicàssim

Over the last few months, Hooverphonic has become a steady source of smooth, pretty, and dramatic pop music. While the band doesn't revolutionize songwriting, I'm a firm believer that a good pop song is effective, even if lyrical complexity is absent. Thus, it's hard to resist the myriad of special effects, instruments and, of course, Geike Arnaert's sublime vocals.

This set is a particular treat, because it really showcases the band's ever-shifting moods, from the soaring "Out of Sight" to the more aggressive groove of "Everytime We Die," all the way down to the delicate "Waves." It was recorded at Benicàssim on August 3rd, 2001 in Spain.


1. Autoharp
2. Out of Sight
3. 2Wicky
4. L'Odeur Animale
5. Jackie Cane
6. Everytime We Live Together We Die A Bit More
7. Vinegar & Salt
8. Mad About You
9. Sarangi
10. Wardrope
11. Barabas
12. Eden
13. Waves

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