Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ask Me Tomorrow: Portishead in Cologne

Apparently, the year can get more exciting. As Pitchfork reports, Portishead has been selected to curate this year's ATP Festival in December, and are set to perform new material. This comes a week after the band's MySpace bulletin conclusively stated that progress on the third album is being made. Although I'm in relatively embryonic stages of Portishead fandom, having only listened to the band intensely over the last few months, I'm as eager to hear this new material as any of those (imagined) long timers. To be honest, I'm not nearly as enamoured with their second, self-titled album, at least not to the extent that I adore Dummy. So, in some way or another, the release of new material should give me an excuse to really explore all of their material, and if there is justice in the world, perhaps one day I'll get the chance to see them live.

But it's a long time 'til December, so here's a set to keep you company. It was recorded at Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany on August 21st, 1998.


1. Half Day Closing
2. Over
3. Elysium
4. Glory Box
5. Roads
6. Western Eyes
7. Strangers
8. Sour Times
9. Humming
10. Cowboys
11. All Mine
12. Mysterons

Future Proof: Here

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