Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Chip, School of Seven Bells Do Sims

Close enough.

NME reports that Hot Chip, School of Seven Bells, Aeroplane, Deadmau5 and a bunch of other artists will re-record their songs in, um, Simlish. These new songs will be incorporated in the latest Sims offering.

Licensing is one of the more stable ways for bands to make money, and I don't hold it against them. Not quite as keen on essentially mutilating the original songs, but I guess it takes a sense of humor to do so. I'm curious of how big of a following the Sims has at this point, since it's been over a decade (!) since the original came out. Then again, Civ V is coming out next week, and the first one came out in 1991 (!!).

Chromewaves has a writeup and pictures from SVIIB's Toronto show.

Hilarious Hot Chip video for "I Feel Better" below.

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