Monday, September 20, 2010

Sound Fix For Sale

Happier times, sort of.

Uh oh. Just when we thought record stores were making a comeback, Sound Fix, the Williamsburg record store at North 11th and Berry Street, has a for-sale listing on Craigslist. Asking price is $250,000. "I'm just testing the waters," owner James Bradley told the Village Voice. "I'm working two jobs these days and it's a bit much. That's all."

Sound Fix moved a couple blocks to Berry Street after being at North 11th and Bedford Avenue since 2004. They hosted live music in an adjacent bar and lounge at the old space, but shows were eventually closed down. When I spoke with Bradley a couple years back, he was determined to keep live music in the neighborhood, and Sound Fix continues to host free in-stores in its new location.

Hopefully, Bradley will find someone who cares about music as much as he does, or better yet, he'll find a way to hold on to the store. Support local record stores! (And bands!)

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