Monday, September 27, 2010

Mergers and Acquisitions: Pitchfork's Nitsuh Abebe to New York Mag, Vulture; Observer's John Koblin to WWD

It's a rainy Monday here in New York, but the droplets aren't the only things in motion.

Nitsuh Abebe, a Pitchfork staffer, has been named pop music critic for New York magazine and its recent culture spin-off site, Abebe had been with Pitchfork since 2003, and already has a couple items up for his new gig. Best of luck.

Speaking of New York, this week the site looks at what it calls the "Establishment" of the city. Not much in the way of music - there are a few names in a pretty cool flow chart - but lots of juicy real estate and other stuff. Hopefully Abebe will bolster their music coverage, which is one of the few things that NY Mag isn't known for.

Meanwhile, the Voice's Foster Kamer reports that the New York Observer's incredible media reporter, John Koblin, will reunite with former editor Peter Kaplain at WWD. (Disclosure: I was a freelancer at the Observer until July.) Big, big loss for the already decimated paper. I really hope it pulls through, the new design looks good.

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