Sunday, December 03, 2006

Roads: Portishead in Portugal

As the year winds down, we inevitably turn our gazes to both the past and future. Even from our presently vague perspective, 2007 is looking like a great year for new releases. While I have many personal anticipations, I think there's one band whose potential release is on everyone's most wanted. Even the possibility of a third Portishead album is just so exceptional, it borders on the religious. As widely circulated, the band have a demo, "Key Bored 299 03" up for download on their MySpace, as well as another streamable track, "Greek Jam." These have been said to be mere doodles, but it's something. If their appearance last year in Bristol is any indication, the band remains utterly unique.

This set was recorded in Portugal after the release of their second, self-titled album. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't given this latter work nearly enough attention, as I just can't quite get past the brilliance of Dummy. In many ways, this set is an eye-opener, and if you're not familiar with the band, you're in for a real treat. There is one uncharacteristic break in "Sour Times," but Beth recovers gracefully. Also, I'm sorry to say that "Roads" cuts out early, please check out out that Bristol set for the full experience.


1. Humming
2. Numb
3. Cowboys
4. Mysterons
5. Only You
6. Half Day Closing
7. Over
8. Elysium
9. Glory Box
10. Roads
11. Western Eyes
12. Sour Times

Sweet Times: Here

In other news...

On the other side of the looking glass, a couple of "Best of 2006" posts have turned up. Kwaya Na Kisser has a list, and A Reminder features Charlotte in an ongoing series.

Music Is Art
has a gorgeous interview with Lisa Papineau, who has also collaborated with Air.

The Yellow Stereo has a great mix, with many of the (female) artists featured on here.


Arivia said...

I have to give Kwaya Na Kisser big marks for including the new Agalloch. Excellent stuff there.

Bushwick is Beautiful said...

"borders on the religious"

You couldn't be more correct.

musicisart said...

yay portugal and portishead!

thankyou roland, as always :)

Anonymous said...

portugal and portishead

please re upload!!!

Roland said...

I've been having some problems with my external hard drive, and unfortunately, this particular show isn't on my laptop. As soon as this gets cleared up, I'll be sure to upload it again, sorry for now.

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