Monday, April 30, 2007

Francophilia: Daft Punk at Coachella

We close out a week of Coachella goodness - and April, for that matter - with the set from last year. While this mere recording of Daft Punk's set pales in comparison to what must have been an incredible experience, there's definitely enough going on to differentiate it from their album material. While the mashup has been elevated to an art form in its own right, there's some particularly awesome about cutting and pasting your own material. Daft Punk plays at Keyspan Park on August 9th.


1. Intro
2. (Close Encounters)
3. (It Begins!)
4. Robot Rock
5. Technologic
6. Television Rules The Nation
7. Too Long
8. Steam Machine
9. Around The World / Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger
10. Too Long
11. Face To Face
12. Aerodynamic / One More Time
13. The Prime Time of Your Life
14. Da Funk
15. Superheroes
16. Human After All
17. Outro

Use It: Here


rodrigo said...

Check my blog, I'll think you'll like some stuff. Feel free to take anything from my blog to put it on yours. I started the blog a few days ago.

Butter Team said...

your site is the jam.

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