Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Electric Version: Immaculate Machine on CBC

I was completely blown away by The New Pornographers when I saw them live over the summer. While there seemed to be a general lamentation regarding the absence of Neko Case on tour, I was very happy with replacement Kathyrn Calder's delivery. I subsequently fell in love with their sound, which The New York Times calls "buoyant, la-la-filled, cheerfully inexplicable pop-rock."

Recently, Chromewaves featured a number of links, in which I discovered that Kathyrn is also in Immaculate Machine, a band I had heard of but hadn't heard. After a few days of heavy rotation, I've found that it's a similar style of music, with jangly, cheerful guitars, multi-part harmonies and slightly inscrutable lyrics. In other words, very fun stuff.

Here's a nice little set they recorded at CBC Radio 3's Studio 2 in Vancouver on June 5th, 2006. The two French tracks are reinterpretations of songs from Ones and Zeros, an album whose spelling I'm still not certain of. Apparently they just released a French EP with similar content.


1. Bateau Brisé (Broken Ship)
2. On/Off
3. Dear Confessor
4. Death of a Rockstar
5. The Future Revisited
6. Phone Number
7. (Comme tu es) Cynique (So Cynical)

Cute Without the "E": Here

In other news...

Pitchfork confirms that Amy Millan will be touring again in the States, including our very own Bowery Ballroom. I was initially a bit skeptical that her seemingly lo-fi country would be able to fill the venue, but after seeing a backup band size worthy of BSS, I'm a believer. As I mentioned, I can't wait for Stars to get back on the road as well.

Watch "Ageless Beauty:" Here

There's also a rather interesting story about NYC's LCD Soundsystem.

Watch "Tribulations:" Here

Speaking of locals, the Rangers finally put an end to their losing streak with a win over the Devils. Jubilations, etc. Unfortunately, it seems that the angry weather which postponed the Mets/Cardinals yesterday made its way north; it was rather wet this morning.

Check out Music Is Art, one of the most stylish music blogs I've seen.


Bob said...

Just listened to the IM set, thanks a bunch for posting it. Kathryn Calder is a very talented performer, and as a replacement for Neko she does an fantastic job. After just watching IM open for the Porno's in Edmonton, however, I gotta say their live show leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm totally willing to give them another shot, though, especially after seeing Calder rock with the Pornos.

In addition, Rangers suck; Oilers rule.

Roland said...

Heh, thanks for the comment. I gotta say, those Rangers have been a bit sub-par thus far.

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