Monday, April 23, 2007

Redox: The Chemical Brothers at Coachella

And the countdown begins.

Coachella is this upcoming weekend, and although I won't be attending, I'll do my darnedest to be a part of the festivities. Although nothing beats physically seeing a band, there's always a bunch of excellent recordings that emerge. So over this next week, I'm going to post the various sets that I've stumbled across, and hopefully by doing so, you'll be introduced to an interesting new band, or be reminded again why you like an old favorite.

The Chemical Brothers are definitely one of the larger electronica acts, and it's pretty apparent from this set that they can transmute their impressive discography into a live setting. The Brothers
are valley veterans at this point, having appeared four times, with this being the most recent one, recorded on April 30th, 2005.


Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Hey Boy Hey Girl
3. Get Yourself High
4. The Big Jump
5. Galvanize
Music: Response
7. Block Rockin' Beats
8. Come Inside
9. Under The Influence
10. It Doesn't Matter
11. Out of Control
12. Temptation
13. Star Guitar

Disc 2
1. Interlude
2. The Boxer
3. Hoops
4. Surface To Air
5. Believe
6. Electronic Battle Weapon #7 (Acid Children)
7. The Golden Path
8. Interlude
9. The Private Psychedelic Reel

Surrender: Here


eli said...

THanks for sharing this show, but am I the only one having problems downloading tracks 3 through 11? They keep coming up "File Not Found." Any chance they could be re-posted? Thanks a lot, I've been checking out the site for a few months now and I love the music you've been sharing. Keep up the great work.

Roland said...

Thanks for the kind words, and for bringing that to my attention. I pasted the wrong URLs for those tracks, and now they should work. Enjoy!

showtrotta said...

Hi. I found your blog through a comment you left over at music for robots about an Apparat track they posted. Anyway...thanks so much for posting the Chems set! I will definitely have to take a look around here...

showtrotta said...

Just gave the set a first listen this afternoon. Excellent. Brings back a lot of memories from other shows of theirs. Thanks again. Also, btw...for the some reason the Private Psychedelic Reel is only 8 seconds it supposed to be that way?

Roland said...

Whoops, should be working now (all 13 mins of it). Sorry about the recent technical issues here; do let me know if anything else comes up.

showtrotta said...

Hey! I downloaded the fixed version of Private Pyschadelic Reel right after you posted it, but didn't get around to thanking you until now. Sorry about that. The set is awesome! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roland
Many many thanks for this! Been looking for a 'live' version of 'Electronic Battle Weapon 6' (Surface to Air) for literally about about three years!
Only problem I've got now is downloading to my computer. I'm a bit of a technofool computer-wise and although i can get the tunes to play, when I 'save as' onto my computer, the tunes don't transfer across. Is this because they're a quicktime file and I'm trying to convert to mp3??
Any help would be extremely gratefully received. I'e got a mac if that makes a difference.
many thanks again. Great that people like you are doing things like this.

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