Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Short and Sweet: Smoosh on KCRW

Here's a quickie. Smoosh is comprised of ridiculously young sisters Asya and Chloe, hailing from Seattle. They got their start through drummer Jason McGerr of Death Cab, and they play fun, sunny pop. Their latest release, Free To Stay, has been one of my recent favorites. I was rather disgusted with myself after neglecting to download this set over the summer, but I've managed to track it down. It's their July 13th appearance 2006 on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, and there's a taster track up as well.


Find A Way, courtesy of Barsuk.
Full Set: Here

Cheaper Than Gold: Here

In others news...

Pitchfork has the Blow's new video for "Parentheses" streaming, as well as some info on the upcoming Coachella.

The Rangers did an impressive job of shutting down Carolina yesterday. Instead of the game, I finally saw The Science of Sleep, and a more comprehensive view will be upcoming.

Like most of the nation, I'll be stuffing my face with turkey this weekend, and will subsequently be taking a few days off from blogging. Feel free to peruse the archives; all working sets can be displayed by searching for filexoom, etree, and the Bloc Party seems to be up well. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to ask if you'd like something uploaded again.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving! See you soon!


Matt said...

Sorry but Smoosh won't go into iTunes (downloads fine). Am I being thick?

Happy thanksgiving from deepest Devon UK.

Roland said...

Yeah, iTunes has problems importing files sometimes. I guess you could get the latest version and try again.

Today's (the 26th) post should be up later tonight.

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