Thursday, September 14, 2006

Black Flowers Blossom: Cocteau Twins In Boston

Wow. I might have been premature in declaring Emily Haines as my favorite frontperson. Elizabeth Fraser, she of the sublime "Teardrop," is an absolutely mesmeric vocalist. While perhaps most recognized for that Massive Attack collaboration, her actual band, Cocteau Twins, has a staggering wealth of material. I've only scratched the surface of their discography with Heaven or Las Vegas, but what I've heard has been yet another hyperbolic adjective. While that term, shoegazer, is once again applicable, I think it's far more apt to call their music "dream pop." Between Liz's gorgeous, cryptic vocals and the guitar soundscape, there really is something otherworldly about the Cocteaus.

This set, recorded in Boston during the tail end of the band's career, does a lovely job of encapsulating their work. It's really a tragedy that they're no longer releasing new material (much like their countrymen, the Delgados), although guitarist Robin Guthrie did recently release a second solo album.


1. Fifty-Fifty Clown
2. Calfskin Smack
3. Watchlar
4. Touch Upon Touch
5. Treasure Hiding
6. Ella Megablast Burls Forever
7. Pitch The Baby
8. Wax and Wane
9. Aloysius
10. I Wear Your Ring
11. Summerhead
12. Seekers Who Are Lovers
13. Iceblink Luck
14. Violaine
15. Pandora
16. Pur
17. Blue Bell Knoll

Treasures: Here

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